Tackling Poverty Together.

Working with others to tackle poverty and inequality in Dundee.

Our Vision

We believe that all should be treated equally. We believe that we are stronger through listening and working together.

We believe that those who have lived experience of poverty should be given a voice and opportunities to lead, to influence real change.

We believe that the inequalities within our communities should be addressed  locally and nationally.

We believe that faith communities have an important role to play in tackling poverty.

Left: Danny, a Project Lead, accepts a donation from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Dundee. Top right: Image produced at a Poverty Truth Event attended by Dundee Fighting for Fairness. Bottom right: Partnership launch of the What Do I Do If…? Money Advice Leaflet.

Our Work

Partnership working is at the heart of all we do, because working together we can bring about real change.

Listening is at the heart of what we do, because the solutions are often already there but no-one has taken time to listen.

Believing is at the heart of what we do, because we believe our communities have the resources to make real transformative difference in the lives of the people around them.

Below are key areas of our work – working to improve fairness, working to help those going through food insecurity, and providing support to faith communities.

Fairness Work

We work with people with lived experience of poverty and inequality to create a platform where their voices are heard and can influence change at a local and national level.

Food Insecurity

As the lead of the Dundee Community Food Network, we bring together and support food projects from across the city to provide a coordinated response to food and financial insecurity.

Supporting Faith Communities

We provide one-to-one support for faith community projects, helping them to identify and respond to poverty and inequality that exists within their communities.

Our Community



Jacky is the strategic lead over all aspects of our work. She co-facilitates the Food Insecurity Network and Dundee Fighting for Fairness. 


Project Lead - Dundee Community Food Network

Danny facilitates the Dundee Community Food Network, and works with community food projects to co-design and deliver a Food Strategy for Dundee.


Project Coordinator - Dundee Fighting for Fairness

Danielle works with members of Dundee Fighting for Fairness, Dundonians who are experts by experience, to bring their voices to the decision makers in the city.


Community Development Worker

Alex works with diverse faith communities, supporting them to connect with each other, with local organisations and with their local communities.  


Community Development Worker

Debbie works with diverse faith communities, supporting them to connect with each other, with local organisations and with their local communities.


Finance and Admin Assistant

Megan is our rock! Working closely with our Treasurer she tells the story of our work through the finances.