This is a categorised bank of resources with information on a wide variety of support needs incl. cost of living, money advice (incl. where to access advice services in the community), energy and energy debt, housing, employment, substance use and mental health. We also have low cost recipes and hints and tips to help keep food and fuel costs down (incl. recipes for the Wonder Box – visit our Wonder Box Page for more information). This will continue to be updated.

This calendar has all of the food projects on our map (see Dundee Community Food Network Page), listed by day and time, with provision information, costs and location. If required, you can use our map to search the project location by postcode. 


Mental Health Support

This is a two-page downloadable resource which has crisis support information, lists of services and how to access them and useful resources, websites and apps 

What Do I Do If..? Leaflet

No one should be left in a crisis or without enough money to feed their families. This leaflet has been designed to support someone through a financial crisis to help identify the options available to them and who can help.

The leaflet is also available on the Independent Food Aid Network website, which has a step by step online guide to go through the support options available –

Dundee Recovery Road Map App

Developed by the Parish Nursing project, this is a visual aid which sets out a range of recovery focused services in Dundee supporting people from all walks of life. This includes Mental health, Addiction Support, Health & Wellbeing, Rehab Information, Peer Support, Family/Carer’s Support, & Online Recovery Support.