Who We Are

In 2010 a local Steering Group was brought together by Faith in Community Scotland (link to website) to form a local initiative – Faith in Community Dundee. As 1 of 5 teams under the umbrella of Faith in Community Scotland the local team worked with faith communities across the city to develop local relevant responses to poverty.

As a community development organisation, it was always the intention that Faith in Community Dundee would become an independent SCIO with local Governance. In 2020, despite the challenges that the pandemic threw at us, we took that step and, under the strong lead of the local steering group (now Board of Trustees) and the Director, and with the support of our colleagues at Faith in Community Scotland, we made the transition.

In September 2020 Faith in Community Dundee was awarded SCIO status bringing all our governance and operational systems under local Governance. Who are we?



Jacky Close joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2015

Project Lead - Dundee Community Food Network

Danny Ogierman joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2014

Project Coordinator - Dundee Fighting for Fairness

Danielle Hinton joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2017

Community Development Worker

Alex Sandison joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2021

Community Development Worker

Debbie Johnstone joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2021

Bookkeeping and Administration Assistant

Megan Appleton joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2021

Cash First Coordinator

Ross Middlemiss joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2023

Community Development Worker

Petra Baker joined Faith in Community Dundee in 2022

Board of Trustees

We are governed by an incredible Board of Trustees, each bringing unique experience, energy and enthusiasm.

  • Chairperson: Gordon Sharp
  • Vice-Chair: Allison Honeyman
  • Secretary: Efi Papagianni
  • Treasurer: John Ralfe
  • Trustee: Rev Elizabeth Thomson 
  • Trustee: Maggie Powell
  • Trustee: Rev Nick Baker
  • Trustee: Neil Campbell
  • Trustee: Rizwan Rafik


We want to thank all our funders, who see the value of deep rooted community transformation and support our role within that. Our current funders: